Chuck E Cheese's

My kids LOVE going to Chuck E. Cheese's. We go during the day while kids are in school and it's so empty, it's like their own personal arcade. There is always a few pre-schoolers in the section for younger kids but that's usually it. Once in a while we'll see some other homeschooled kids there but not very often. If there's one near you, check out their website for coupons and specials. The one by us is definitely geared towards older kids and I don't know if they're all the same. Here's some random pictures.

This is from Jacqueline's 8th birthday this past August. We woke up on the morning of her birthday (it was midweek) and went there after breakfast. The staff gave her a hat and free ice cream. :-)

Shawna (11 years old) with Mr. Chuck himself.

My son Cimion (he's 13 in this picture) and Shawna on her favorite simulation ride. I love their expressions! LOL

Jacqueline screams LOUD! LOL!!