2nd annual Not-Back-To-School Party!

August 7th was the first day of public school here and we hosted our 2nd annual NOT-Back-To-School Party at our home. Yes, I know it's December. It took me a while (alright-a LONG while!) to develop and scan the photos. :-)

We had roughly 50 people here!! Kids ages ranged from 3 months to teens, there were about 10 moms and 3 dads...one of which was my husband who took the day off of work to attend.

The weather was beautiful (which means no rain here in Florida!!) They played and swam in the pool, played on our playset, played on the trampoline, there were Yu-Gi-Oh duels going on all over the house, some kids were playing on our playstation, other kids were playing X-Box (or maybe it was Nintendo). I even had neon colored pencils made up that said "2nd annual Not-Back-To-School Party '06" The party started about 10:00 AM and went until 5:00 PM!!! I was so wiped out when it was over!! LOL!! I can't wait till next year!

The sign we made for the front window.

Hanging out by our pool. We just had that screen room built last year. Off to the side is our hot tub.

The younger girls decided to play in Jacqueline's room after lunch.

Some of the older girls.

Gotta love those homeschoolin' dads!

This is the rest of the backyard where the playset and trampoline are.

Playstation and yugioh.