Moving along the adoption path

Things have been a little stressful here lately. I haven't blogged about it although I have posted about one part of it at Forever Parents, which was the part about Cimion.

If things don't change soon, that boy is going to be the death of me. It's so difficult to live with someone who has nothing emotionally invested in us...someone who lives as if we're just his next stop in life. Billy & I have considered (actually, we still are considering it) putting him back in school just so I can get a break from him.

It's sad really...deep down he's a good kid who had the bad misfortune to be born to people who didn't care about him. We or course, get all the backlash and anger from that, even though we did nothing to cause it.

The girls are thriving....healing, happy, loving life and he's like a weight that pulls them down sometimes. It's not fair to them.


The end of this month will be our 3rd year adoption anniversary and we're planning a 2 day overnight trip to
Cypress Gardens, here in Florida. The truth is, we may not take him. Our therapist does theraputic respite and that's where he may spend those two days. It would be foolish of me to spend several hundred dollars to be aggrivated when I can do it at home, for free. When we went to the Kennedy Space Center he was miserable most of the time and I don't really want a repeat performance.

We'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

The other thing is my mom. :-( After a life of ill health, her health is failing to the point where it's severly affecting her life. She can't drive anymore and she's in constant discomfort. I'm so glad she lives next door...it's easy for us to take care of her when she's so close. I'm so grateful to my husband and daughters, who love her with all their hearts and make her happy. The girls go there often, to watch a movie or just hand out and have tea. :-) Billy is always doing things for her...they have such a special relationship. :-) Through it all though, she's the same optimistic person. She not only sees her glass as half full, she sees it over flowing. :-)

I'm sorry this post is such a downer. :-( Now that I got that out I can get back to posting about all the fun stuff.