Linking to Unschooling Voices

Thank you to the following bloggers for helping to get the word out about Unschooling Voices #1.

If you have a link to UV #1 on your blog or site, please comment here so I can add you to the list. I'll continue to edit this post for about a week.

Home Education blog


Why Homeschool


Spunky Homeschool

A Typical Homeschool (where the Unschooling Carnival got it's start)

Doc's Sunrise Rants

Every Waking Hour

Adventures in Living

Here in the Bonny Glen

Green Fields and Open Horizons

Sandra Dodd.com

Throwing Marshmellows

Avec Mes Zebres

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David said...


This is not my blog, it's my Dad's but I think you should at least consider it for your list.