Day 124 (submission reminder)

If you haven't sent it in yet, don't forget to send in a blog post for the next Unschooling Voices. Here's the informations. Remember, you don't have to answer the question of the month...I only write them for those who choose to answer them. All unschooling posts will be accepted. :-)

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In other news...
I seemed to have gained a child overnight. :-) Jacqueline's friend Jazmine slept over and they girls are happily watching Bratz cartoons (Winx is next) on TV and eating a breakfast of pancakes and bacon that daddy made. :-)

We've been getting together with our homeschool group a lot lately. Instead of going to the park, like we usually do, we've been getting together at someone house. Last week was our house. :-) We had 11 kids and 5 adults here. The kids swam in the pool, jumped on the trampoline, played on the playset and then played playstation inside when it started thundering. I love this group because there are so many boys Cimions age and they all love yu-gi-oh as much as he does. :-)