Naomi Aldort

I've been reading the parenting articles on Naomi Aldort's site this past week. I found some useful information there and wanted to share the link.

Also a while back somebody posted this on a message board I visited.

Naomi's Declaration of Complete Confidence in Children:
1. Adult-like behavior matures by the time we are adults.
2. No expectations means no disappointments for us, and no damaging pressures for our children.
3. Children respond best to modeling and leadership, not control.
4. Trust... and wait.
5. Choose between your momentary convenience and your long-term goal for your child's sense of self.
6. Enjoy your child for who he is, not for who you would like him to be - he will never be this age again.
7. Distinguish between your emotional needs and what your child feels and needs. Act toward your child in harmony with her needs; take care of your emotional needs elsewhere.
8. Celebrate your child's uniqueness as well as your own.

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Nikki said...

I love those articles of Naomi Aldort's. I always recommend them to others when they want a different perspective. Have you got her book? It's one of my favourites.
I too am looking at unschooling and will be back later to read through your blog. :)

Joanne said...

No, I don't have her book but it's on my list to borrow from the library or buy. I really enjoy her writings also. :-)