Day One Hundred Eight

Jacqueline is at a weeklong Girl Scout Day Camp, which ends today with them putting on a show. She's having a good time, even though it's quite "schooly". When I pick her up in the afternoon, there are always counselers yelling "GET IN LINE-ONE STRAIGHT LINE!! DID YOU HEAR ME???" And I'm thinking- how much did I pay for this again? LOL

With us being free of the school system for over a year now, I had forgotten what it's like to have other adults tell me about my child, or tell me what my child is doing or should be doing.

For example, when I picked her up yesterday, the counseler (and I know she meant well), told me "Jacqueline was very good today". As if I didn't know or needed her to tell me. My reply was "Jacqueline is good everyday".
If Jacqueline wasn't ready to be in a group setting without me helping her, I wouldn't have sent her in the first place. I would make sure she knew enough about the social atmosphere of being in a group before I sent her. And I certainly wouldn't have sent her in the hopes that she would learn it there. Not with all the screaming and yelling at the kids that was going on.

Then, the day before the counseler told me to make sure I give her a healthy snack on Friday because they're learning about making good food choices. I told her that Jacqueline already knows about making healthy food choices because she makes her own food choices everyday and that I don't make sure she eats anything. She looked at me like I had three heads, and then told me that her daughter eats sprinkles out of the container when she's not looking. I told her that Jacqueline chooses cheese and carrots over cake and ice cream and I got the three-headed look again.

All in all, Jacqueline enjoyed it and got to be color guard on Wednesday. She was excited about that. :-) They made a lot of crafts and went swimming. They gave them a camp t-shirt and today they're putting on a play for the parents.