Day Seventy Eight

I just installed a tracker about 5 days ago. I did it basically to see how people are finding this blog and I have one on my adoption website also. The really cool thing (at least my kids & I think it's cool!) is that it shows what countries the visitors are from.
Here's the lastest stats. It shows how many individual people visit from each country.

United States: 438
Canada: 21
France: 20
Australia: 9
United Kingdom: 7
Germany: 3
Luxembourg: 2
Malaysia: 2
Austria: 1
South Africa: 1
Iceland: 1
Singapore: 1
New Zealand: 1
Spain: 1
India: 1
Norway: 1
Guatemala: 1
Philippines: 1
Greece: 1

I love the power of the 'net. How else would someone from South Africa be able to read about the life of someone in the USA? :-)