Day Forty Six

Something really nice happened today. :-)

The kids, my mom and myself went shopping in the dollar store today. I had to pick up a few odds and ends and the kids wanted to buy some valentine candy for each other. They each took a few dollars from their money, picked out what they wanted and I took them, one at a time so the other two wouldn't see, to the register. They usually do all the paying and checking out by themselves but they like me there just in case they need me.

Cimion went first and I stood back while he was waiting on line. As he got closer, the woman standing behind him asked if that was all he was buying, to which he replied yes. She told the cashier that she would be paying for his purchase and to put it on her bill. I was kinda speechless, this woman was a total stranger.

I told her that he had his own money and that she didn't have to do that. She just smilied and said that she wanted to. Cimion & I both thanked her and told her that it was a very nice thing that she did.

I mean, granted it was only $1.07 but the fact that she did it was very cool!
I spoke to the cashier about it later when I was helping Jacqueline check out. She said that the woman had done that 2 other times, both times with kids that had one item.

:-) It really made my day.


Ron R said...

Very nice thing to do. And to have done it more than once :)