Day Forty Seven

Jacqueline, my mother & I went to Barnes & Noble today, after dropping Cimion off at the Yu-Gi-Oh duelist league. I decided to join their members program for $25 a year, after thinking about it for a while. I already have their educators discount card, but the member card is good for anything in the store, including Starbucks. :-)

I actually got a good deal in there today. They had the Shrek Totally Tangled Tales TV/DVD game for 75% off. The original price was $29.99. Then I used the member card and got another 10% off bringing the total to $6 and some change. :-)

I also picked up 100 Things you should know about science. It's a nice book, lots of information and illustrations....but I don't like the title. LOL! 100 things I should know, according to who?
I think to much. :-)