Day Thirty Six

This week, Cimion & Shawna attended a Storytelling class at our library. It's a twice a week class that goes until April. It's being given by members of the Ocali Storytellers Guild. They really enjoyed it! Another homeschooled boy that we know is taking the class also and they were very happy to see him. The last time we saw his family was at Shawna's birthday party so it was nice to catch up a bit.

Yesterday was my 43rd birthday. My kids and husband chipped in and got me two expansion packs for The Sims (which I love!). I got Makin' Magic and Superstar.
The day was not so happy though because my mother ended up in the hospital with some heart related issues. They did a medication increase and have been running some tests. She just bought the house next door to us so we really miss seeing her everyday. :-(