the experts speak

What do the experts think of homeschooling/unschooling?
I decided to ask three of them and share their thoughts.

The first one is Cimion, age 13. After 7 years of being in public school, he has been enjoying homeschooling for the last 10 months. I questioned him while he was on his way outside to jump on the trampoline. and this is what he had to say about why he likes being home.

1. I don't have to do homework after being in school all day.
2. I don't have the take the FCAT test.
3. I get to meet and hang out with other homeschooled kids and make friends.
4. I can learn and read about things I'm interested in whenever I want, like cars.
5. I have time to do more stuff with my family

The second expert was very busy but, because she loves to talk, found a little time for me. Jacqueline, age 7, had been in public school for 2 years and has been home for the last 8 months. She paused from her velvet art long enough to give me the facts.

1. I like it because I can spend more time with my family.
2. I learn more at home.
3. I meet new people.
4. I can read more.
5. I can play more.

The last expert is Shawna, age 10. She has spent 4 and a half years in public school and has been home for 1 year. She was getting ready to reply to her penpal when I questioned her.

1. There are no bullies in homeschool.
2. There is no homework.
3. If I want to learn about something I can.
4. I can have a snack whenever I want.
5. I can stop and do something else when I want.

There you have it.

The experts have spoken.


Ron R said...

I think the obvious escapes the PhD experts.

katie said...

That is fantastic!