Day Eighteen

Buono Natale! (Merry Christmas!)

Last night we had family over for Christmas Eve. It's become a tradition, we go there for Thanksgiving and they come here for Christmas Eve. We exchanged gifts, hung out and ate. :-)+ My friend gave me a really nice water fountain with a spinning ball on it. I've already decided how I'm going to put in in the living room.

The holidays are getting better and better each year as our family becomes more bonded. This is our third Christmas since the adoption and it was the best Christmas so far. We have a much stronger connection that we did last year and it made for much more lovng, grateful and peaceful holiday. This is such a weird, confusing time for kids like ours and they've all come so far (Jacqueline didn't have that far to go).

I bought Sirius for Billy and also a book he's been wanting. Billy gave me some cash (which is always nice) and a gift card to my favorite place to shop, the library book store and a few candles.
We bought a 14' trampoline and a telescope for the kids and they got some seperate gifts. We also bought them a ton of movies...15 in all! Some of them are Sleeping Beauty, Spy Kids, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The King & I.

Merry Christmas to all!