Unschooling Voices #12, Squidoo Update, Twitter

Unschooling Voices Update:
For those who may not know yet, edition #12 of
Unschooling Voices has been published . Kim at Relaxed Homeskool did a great job hosting and I appreciate her help! Go to the main page of Unschooling Voices and click on #12 to read all the submissions. While you're there, take a look at Silvia's question for edition #13, which she's hosting at her blog. :-)

Squidoo Update:
A whole bunch of you submitted your unschooling links to
A Guide To Unschooling on Squidoo and they've all been added. I just also added two new sections:

1. A place to share the link to any Unschooling conferences or gatherings you may know of.
2. A spot to add your unschooling Flicr photos.

That page is growing more and more everyday! Take a look and please rate it while you're there (up towards the top-near the stars). You can also add the link to your (or your favorite) unschooling blogs, websites and magazines.

Spread The Word! :-)

Are you on Twitter? I just added the link to my
Twitter page in the right sidebar under "Also Find Me Here". Feel free to add me and I'll do the same. :-)