Join Our Adoption Forums!

Our new adoption forums are ready for you to join!

When the Forever Parents adoption forums was first created in 2002, we started on the msn boards, but quickly out grew them and moved to ezboard in 2003, where we've been...until last week. We've joined the big leagues and are hosting our own forum (phpBB) on a shared (for now-maybe a dedicated one will be in our future) server (host gator).

Our adoption community supports and encourages adoptive and waiting families in a private setting. There are lots of issues that we, as adoptive and waiting families, face that cannot be discussed on a public adoption message board or adoption blog because we're to busy having to defend our choices to people that only want to criticize and judge. So, out of that, Forever Parents was born, and now we take our next step.

If you've adopted or are in the process of adopting, come join us! We have a great group of members and we represent all sides of adoption (open. closed, domestic, international older child, infant). We also have general discussion areas for when we want to just kick back and chat. You'll find support, friendship, understanding and compassion...all the things that we need while on our journey.

The process of joining is simple:
1) Register your account and check your e-mail for an activation link.
2) Log in and post your introduction in the forum titled "Request Access Here". It'll be the only forum you can see at that point.
3) Once you've been approved, we'll move your thread inside and give you access to the rest of the forums.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here and I'll do my best to help you. Spread the word!!

Here's the link!
Adoption Forums

See you there!! :-)


Michelle Dunn said...

I think those who can adopt children are truly special and blessed! I'm gonna take a peep into those forums now! :)

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Joanne said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks for leaving the link to your blog. I just went and took a quick look but I'll be back to read more later on. Good luck with your journey to become a mother! I wish you all the luck! If you ever decide to adopt, I hope the forums will be a place you go for support. (((Hugs)))