Time at Brooklyn Lake

A couple of weeks after my mom passed away we rented a lake front house about an hour from where we live so we could clear our heads and just spend some quiet time together. here are some of the photos we took during that week.

Me near the lake:


There were grapevines all over the property and Shawna & Jacqueline spent HOURS collecting them and making all kinds of potions and concoctions with them.

Billy practicing his golf:

Jacqueline and Shawna on the lake. Jacqueline is getting ready to jump and wanted me to take her picture as she did it.




Climbing trees (Jacqueline):

Shawna in the tree:

Billy joins in.

Jacqueline bought along the laptop so she could work on the third installment in her Princess Barbie story. She already had the first part published in Connections, an unschooling ezine.

Ironically....the lake we stayed on was called Lake Brooklyn. For Brooklynites like us, (now living in Florida) it was a nice surprise.

...and the house we rented was on Brooklyn Bay Road:


john said...

It looks like you had a very nice time at the lake front house, I'm jealous. I have been procrastinating my planning of a trip to our lake home, but it is starting to get late in the season (cold) to go out, so I better do it soon!