November is almost here..

...and that can only mean one thing.

Black Friday. :-)

For those who may not get out much, Black Friday is held the day after Thanksgiving and retailers across the country sell at a discount to start the holiday shopping season off. You have to know your prices though and most major retailers will offer a selection of products at considerable discounts while others are priced as you would find a weekly sale item. It pays to patronize stores you're familiar with and look at their ad before you go.

I've blogged about my past experiences with shopping with Billy on Black Friday. For some strange reason, we enjoy this crazy tradition of waking up with the sun and going shopping with hundreds of other people. If nothing else, it sure is entertaining. LOL We usually go to either WalMart or Kmart, and then to Circuit City (if we were already thinking about buying something). I may take a look at
Ace Hardware this year because one opened up a few minutes away from my house. I'm also waiting for the EB Games/Game Stop ad to come out because we would like to get a second system and I'm hoping to get one at a good price. Any recommendations? I've gotten some good deals over the years on a Kodak digital camera, a bike for my son and the steering wheel for Playstation 2.

Sites like
BlackFriday.net are helpful to see all the ads in one place (good if you want to hit several stores). You can sign up for an e-mail letting you know when a new store has posted their ad. I may even shop online this year at amazon.com and overstock.com (I love that site).

Anybody else ever shop on Black Friday?



Anonymous said...

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