Garden Totems

A while ago, I came across something called garden totems on a gardening site but it wasn't until recently that I decided to make some. I've been thinking about ways to use my mothers glass and flatware items and decided to try and make a couple of them yesterday.

What I did was gather a bunch of items (bowls, dishes, candle holders, etc) and arrange them. I used clear GE Silicone 2 to attach them and let it dry overnight. I then added some decorative pieces (an earring for one and marbles for the other) as a finishing touch.

One of them will be a butterfly drinking bowl for the new butterfly garden we're starting. That's the taller one in the picture-the one with the bowl on top. We'll add some small rocks, dirt and water for the butterflies to enjoy. The other one is a garden angel and she'll also go in our butterfly garden.

The ones I've seen around the web were a lot taller but I wanted to keep mine shorter so there's less chance to break.

I think my mother would have loved them.


Wendy said...

Those are really neat! Now I'm going to rummage through the back of my cupboards for inspiration :D

Ren said...

Very sweet.

Chez Moi said...

What a beautiful idea! I love the drinking bowl. When my MIL passed away, I kept an angel that we'd gotten from one of the flower arrangements outside amongst our flowers,near the birdbath.

Joanne said...

Thank you. :-) The butterflies have been drinking from their "water bowl" for the last few days. :-)