Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to everyone to say hello and thank you for your condolences and thoughts. They have helped me through the hardest month of my life and your friendship means the world to me.

We're getting ready for a trip back home to New York City on September 6th to have a memorial service for my mother and I'll be back to regular blogging and editing Unschooling Voices when I get back, which will be towards the end of September. I plan on the next edition of Unschooling Voices (which is #10) for October 1 so keep sending in your submissions. You can click "Unschooling Voices" in the right sidebar for contact information and details.

There are a bunch of comments that I haven't approved yet due to lack of time to properly respond. If you haven't yet seen your comment show up, it will be posted as soon as I get back to blogging next month.

Thank you again for your thoughts-it means everything to me.


granola*girl* said...

Thanks for the update, Joanne. I've been thinking of you.



The Shepcarpclan said...

I look forward to future posts. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you through previous blogs. Have a safe trip.

marina said...


I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for sometime now. I love how your posts truly connect to your readership. I’m interested to have an interactive/link-up/post with you. I’ve written a book that you and your audience might enjoy and am preparing to do a virtual blog tour and would love an opportunity to participate on your blog.

However, my young adult book ‘Turtle Feet, Surfer’s Beat’ is only a small part of what I’m trying to build. The book itself revolves around a typical suburban teen girl, Penelope, from the States that is forced to go to Costa Rica with her parents for her father’s job assignment. Involuntarily, her parents sign up Penelope and her little brother to spend two weeks at the Leatherback turtle biological station (for ‘their own good’). Penelope, obviously isn’t pleased but forgives the horrid accommodations and the never ending bug brigade as she sees the turtle and instantly pledges to do all she can to help it from extinction. But hang ten, dudes! Penelope is about to get help. One lonely night, as she’s patrolling the beach for turtle poachers she stumbles and falls directly into the arms of the local surf champ. Together they dive into the world of surfing and marine preservation.

These days, we are constantly facing global problems that seem to be getting worse and worse daily. Living in Costa Rica, I’ve been inspired to take action. I started by writing this book and am now developing a community of teens, surfers, artists, scientist, and everyone else who is interested in working together to have fun while helping out.

I would love to join forces with you and your readers in a fun, interactive way. I will gladly write a post about your blog (and whatever you will like to plug:), plus a link with your blog to my website and blog, in return for a short interview and mention on your blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. To start we can link up!
Thanks so much,

Joanne said...

Thanks for your thoughts everyone!