Daddy on the loose

Jacqueline had a friend sleeping over last week and Shawna joined them on the trampoline. Everything was going great, until the problem child wanted to play. That's him in the middle, the big kid with the Metallica shirt.

Jacqueline tried to get a sip of water but sometimes the simplest of things become mayhem when Daddy is involved. I love the expression on her face. lol

You'll notice Shawna & Jasmine (Jacqueline's friend) stopped jumping so she could get a drink. But there's Billy...apparently forgetting he knocked out one of Jacqueline's teeth on the trampoline. Okay-it was a loose baby tooth...but still!!

:-) I joke about him but he's the best husband & father for this crazy family. He reminds me to stop and smell the roses and makes me laugh every day. :-)


Lill said...

Well, the kids sure looked like they were having fun, so you can't blame him for joining in. LOL. Or maybe he was just testing the trampoline. Yeah, that's the ticket. Just testing.


Joanne said...

hee-hee....just what he needs...encouragment! LOL!!!