Remodeling our master bathroom

We've been remodleing our master bathroom for about, oh let's see, 3 years now. LOL We're finally making some progress over the last month and it's been exciting to see the transformation. Billy has tried to do as much of the work as he can himself, to keep the costs down.

First, he gutted the bathroom and put up sheetrock. We hired a plumber to install the new tub (it's the kind with wrap around walls) and then Billy started on the tile floor.

After the tiles were done (he hasn't done the grouting yet), the plumbers came back and installed the toilet (special ordered because we wanted black) and the cabinet with sink (I took the picture before the sink and counter top were installed).

Next on the list are buying the lighting, painting the walls and grouting the tiles. We're getting recessed lighting for the tub area, but we've been checking out fixtures for the vanity area from Premier Lighting. I think we have it narrowed down to a few that we like. Here's one that I think would look good and here's another. Billy is leaving it up to me but he likes this one. Jacqueline took a quick look at the site and she thinks we should get this one from Maxim Lighting because it's called 5th Avenue and she said it reminds her of New York City. LOL!!

I'll post more pictures as we move along. :-)