Update on Unschooling Voices #8

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I'm going to have to hold off on putting it together this month (March edition: #8) due to some issues in our family that need my focus and time. My mom is in the hospital and things with Cimion are very stressful right now. Unschooling Voices is something I put a lot of pride into and I don't want to just slap it together.

Keep sending in your submissions and I'll have #8 out on April 1st. Here's the link to read past editions or get information on how you can participate. Thanks for understanding.

*update* I know I was vague in my original post and I decided to add a few more details because it's such an important part of our adoption journey (which I documented on this blog).
At the time we adopted our children they were 5, 8 & 11. They're now 8, 11 & 14. (They're biological siblings) The older two suffered severe abuse and extreme neglect while still in their birth home and emotional trauma in foster care (they were is foster care for four years) and they both came to us very angry and hostile children but over time (and with a lot of help) my middle child has overcome a lot of the obstacles that stood in her way of having a happy life. My oldest has not and instead has continued on his downward spiral. Over the last few months he has increasingly become more violent, angry and aggressive...mostly towards me. I was prepared for this early in our adoption process....having talked extensively with his caseworkers and therapists about how *in his mind*, the love from a mother equals pain and abuse and he will do all he can to push me away to protect himself from my "love".
I'm not sure where we'll go from here. We're just as committed to him as they day we became his parents, although we know we cannot be responsible parents to any of our children while living with someone full of anger and agression.
Please keep Cimion in your thoughts. Through this whole ordeal, my heart goes out to him because he struggles with psycological issues that were put upon him by the same adults who should have had his best interest at heart.
Please also keep my mother in your thoughts. She's been my rock for so long and it's very hard to see her health declining. She's the ultimate optimist, always looking at the bright side and always grateful for each new day. I've learned so much from her and my husband and daughters adore her. She was supposed to come out of the hospital but she fell in their bathroom and needs to stay longer now.
Thank you for leaving such thoughful comments. It really helped me to read them and I appreciate your taking the time to write it.


Schuyler said...

Oh, Joanne, I hope everything is better soon.

Mama Chaos said...

Take your time and get your personal life OK first.

Beth said...

I hope all gets better soon....I know this must be a really difficult time for you, but you'll do the right thing.
I'm thinking of you and your family!

Joanne said...

Thank you all. It means a lot to me to have support, both online and off.

marji said...

Dear Joanne,

I'm thinking of you and your sweet family and sending you much love. On the other side of this will be healing and growth and I'm sending you strength to get from here to there (because walking through the journey *is* the healing and growth).

Sending love,