romaine lettuce

I finally got around to planting the romaine lettuce I bought last weekend. We have quite a few SWA (squirells with an attitude) around here, so Billy built a cage around the lettuce to keep them out. I'm not sure if it's going to work though. When we removed their favorite watering hole by screening in our pool last summer, they got back at us by biting and scratching through the screen to get in and have a drink. After we had it fixed, we had to leave water all around the screen room just so they wouldn't do it again. They're pretty smart those SWA. They got us to give them fresh water everyday. lol

I bought two lettuce plants for now, and if I can somehow manage to not kill them (before the SWA eat them) I may buy more. I've posted about my black thumb before so wish me luck. lol