Flea Market Find

The girls and I visted the local flea and farmers market again this weekend and I picked up some grape tomatoes and a bunch of bananas.

I bought this for 25 cents. It says "The foundation of a happy home is built one step at a time".

I also picked up this little cutie for 25 cents also. Her sign says "Live well, laugh often. love much".

Against my better judgement, I bought two romaine plants. Keep them in your thoughts. Plants need to have a strong will to survive in my garden. lol


PaganMama said...

I love your finds.. the house sign is awesome. And so inexpensive.. I love to find treasures at FleaMarkets and Thrift Stores. I absolutely love these plaques.

Joanne said...

I like those plaques also, I use them as visual reminders for myself. My favorite (bought on clearance) says "Kindness is Power". :-)

Joanne said...

I checked out your blogs and noticed you just started an unschooling blog. I hope to see a submission from you at next months Unschooling Voices! :-)