Birds that share our yard (robin)

**update** Thanks to Susan and 'Q' for helping out with the name of this bird**

I'm not that familiar (yet) with the names of the different types of birds that visit our yard but I love watching them from our windows.

Anybody know what type of bird this is?


Susan said...

It's a robin. Love the robins! You can still sign up for cornell's FeederWatch Project in which you record the birds who visit your yard. I just mentioned it on my blog! I think there's a fee (small, I hope). There's a link on my blog, Chicken Spaghetti.

Q said...

Your bird is an American Robin!
I too love the backyard birds.
I had a Robin on my deck this afternoon and it was 12 degrees out!
He was not pleased with the cold!

Joanne said...

Thank you both!! I checked online for about an hour before I posted but no luck. I did see pictures of robins but for some reason, it didn't look like "my" bird.
We have such beautiful birds around here and I'm going to try and take pictures of all of them so share here.
I'm going to check out the feederwatch program. Thanks for the tip.

Jonix Konios said...

It's a robin, indeed. They are very beautiful.
BirdWatching is a very beautiful activity, for me it gaves me very pleasure. Birds are astonish creatures.

Joanne said...

Yes, they are beautiful. :-) I've been enjoying watching the birds that come to my yard.