If you give a mom a DS Lite...

...will it make her cool in the eyes of her kids? CrazyHipBloggingMamas is giving away one (isn't that cool of them?) and wants to know how winning it will make you a more "hip" mom to your kids.

I thought about that and realised that my kids already think I'm cool. :-)

My 14 year old son loves hanging out with me and still calls me mommy (even in front of his friends). My 11 year old daughter tells me things that she doesn't even tell her friends and my 8 year old...well, she thinks I'm cool because I used to have a blue mohawk. LOL

Maybe it's because we adopted our kids only three years ago and the novelty of having caring parents hasn't worn off yet (lol), I don't know. But in their eyes, I'm the best thing since the original playstation.

What they would think is very cool, is that I even entered this contest. LOL Having a mom who tried to win a DS Lite is very cool and I give props to all the moms who entered. :-)