My daughter, the writer

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that child is someone today.” Stacia Tauscher

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and I mentioned that my seven year old wrote a story. My friend said something to the effect of "Maybe she'll be a writer when she grows up". To which I replied, "She already is a writer". She paused as she thought about that, and said "Yes, she is a writer. What a wonderfully supportive way of looking at it".

That little shift in thinking has been very helpful to me in unschooling my three children. What she's doing now is valid and important, not because it may help her when she becomes an adult, not because she may choose that as her career, but because it brings her joy and makes her happy now, right now. She is not an "adult in the making". She's exactly where she should be.

So without further ado, here is Jacqueline's story. She is already working on her second one, which I'll post when she'd done.

Princess Barbie by Jacqueline Anne (a 7 year old unschooler)
“I love being a princess.” Said Barbie.
Barbie’s tutor came in and said “Princess the queen sent for you”. “Where is she?” said Barbie. “In the throne room” said Ken.
Barbie went to the Throne room.
There the queen sat. “Come my dear” said the queen.
Barbie hugged the queen.
Barbie was surprise to see royal page.
Soon Barbie was heading back to her room when she heard a cry. It was the royal page yelling invader!
“Invader?” asked the princess.
“Yes” said the royal page. “We must hide” said royal page.
So they hid. The invaders lost. They were safe.
The Royal page was nice.
The End.


Anna B said...

Great point. I wish I could remember that every second of every day.

I vow to work on this.

Joanne said...

I wish I could remember it all the time also. That's why I posted this...as a reminder for myself. It's not easy.

Sally said...

HI Joanne,
I've been getting to grips with the "my child is..." rather than "could be..." issue in my community (and myself). It is a lovely shift to make and helps me to live in the here and now, and allow her to continue to naturally do so too!

Best wishes

Joanne said...

Yes, that's exactly it. That shift in thinking helps me to live in this moment, which is something I try to remember to do.

Shannon said...

Wow, great post and a lovely story. I definitely need to work more on "the moment."

Joanne said...

I think we all do. :-) I told Jacqueline that you enjoyed her story. Thanks!