Day 164

Billy and Jacqueline had been saving bottle caps for a few months because he wanted to show her how to play skully (actually we just found out it's skelly). They finally collected enough and went out front to play.

Another New York City steet game passed on to the next generation. Next is stoop ball...except we need a stoop. LOL


NYCitymomx3 said...

Wow. Skelly and stoop ball. That brings back a ton of memories. Most of the playgrounds had a built-in skelly board (usually next to the hopscotch) and I LOVED it. And the best bottle caps were when you scraped all the color off the top by rubbing on the sidewalk.

Stoop ball was awesome. Did you know that the word "stoop" is Dutch for "porch"? It originated back when NYC had a large Dutch population a few hundred years ago. Anyhoo, stoopball rules were different depending on which friends you played with, lol. Loved the 70s.


Joanne said...

The other game that brings me back is bocce. I have very fond memories of the old Italian men in my neighborhood playing it.
I never knew that about the word stoop. Thanks! My old neighborhood, Bensonhurst, was founded by the Dutch.