Day 159

Last night we watched more of the Christmas shows on ABC Family. We're determined to watch every single one! LOL
Twas the Night Before Christmas: An entire town gets on Santa's naughty list so a father and son must find a way to get back on Santa's good side.
The Story of the First Christmas Snow: For a wayward young shepherd named Lucas the first snow comes with a miracle.
Once Upon A Christmas: A disheartened Santa Claus calls an end to Christmas because of the ever-growing number of naughty children. Can his daughter Kristin (Kathy Ireland) prove to him that the Christmas spirit is still going strong?

Tonight is:
Pinocchio's Christmas: Pinocchio's in a lot of trouble when he tries to earn money to buy Geppetto's Christmas present and falls in with the sly Cat and Fox. Will Pinnochio finally learn his lesson, and will he get home in time for Christmas?
Twice Upon A Christmas:
Christmas is in danger when Santa's oldest daughter Rudolfa (Mary Donnelly Haskell) plans to build a casino in place of Santa's workshop. Santa's last hope is his other daughter, Kristin (Kathy Ireland), but can she save Christmas yet again?

Other goings-on...
Shawna is doing a performance this Saturday with her storytelling club. This will be her second one since she's joined. She loves going and she's really good at it! :-) I'll post some pictures after I develop them.

Both the girls are finishing up Girl Scouts for the holidays. They start again in January and they're doing a canned food and toy drive before they take their break.

We took down all our Christmas decorations from the attic and have started filling out cards. We also need to buy a Christmas tree this week. We've always had a small tree because it was only Billy & I, plus we didn't have a big apartment in Brooklyn. But now that we're a family of five (plus my mom is six) and we have more room, we're looking for a bigger tree. Not a real one, an artifical one but at least 7-8' tall. i think our old one was 6'.

I hope you're having fun getting ready for whatever you celebrate this time of year! :-)