The artist in all of us

Is an artist someone who makes money from their art? Someone who has their sculptures in a museum or takes formal classes? What about a child drawing a picture of their house? Or someone painting their first self portrait for the fun of it?

"What is an artist anyway?" Tera Leigh has this to say;

"Being an artist is about more than just creating original work or mastering every skill! It pervades every facet and moment of our life. If you've ever rearranged your furniture, you used your artistic ability. If you've ever painted a white room a different color, you've change and created".

Pay attention to the moments in your life when you are creating, and remember to acknowledge it. You are being an artist. Creating something makes you an artist. It really is that simple. :-)

Tera again;

"What if you just decided to call yourself an artist? Right this second, pick up a tablet of paper and write: I AM AN ARTIST on it. If it makes you laugh or feel nervous write it over and over and over until those feelings diminish. If you have struggled with defining yourself as an artist, those feelings will not go away overnight. When people in your life question you about it, you will feel those old doubts creeping back up. You will have to continue to work at it but like anything else in life, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Artist is just a word. It is a way that others can understand what it is that we do. You are worthy of this title. You are so very valuable"

Jessica, a member from a group I belong to, Imagination Tribe posted a quote by Nina Wise, from a book entitled "A Big, New, Free, Happy Unusual Life";

"You already know everything you need to know to live a big, free, happy, unusual, enthusiastic, and amusing life. Creativity is an inborn aspect of being alive. All you need to do is relax and let it out. And if you do, you will find yourself, without the slightest hint of effort, dancing in your living room, singing in the car, writing poetry on cocktail napkins, and noting the dinner plate is a perfect canvas for a painting made of food."

Also, from the same book;

I've been told the story of a six-year-old girl who asked her mother where she was going one afternoon. The mother replied that she was headed for the university to teach her students how to draw and paint. "You mean they've forgotten? her daughter asked, amazed.

I never felt like an artist. Not until recently anyway. Not until I started unschooling my children and deschooling myself. Not until I had a daughter (Jacqueline) who would accept nothing less than being an artist because she draws comic strips and being a writer because she writes stories.

My daughter & I have been creating
Artist Trading Cards for several months now and have traded them at Imagination Tribe and atcards.com. ATC's are miniature works of art that are the same size as a baseball card. How you create them are totally up to you. There is no right way or better way. It's up to you. You can draw, paint, collage, melt wax, use metal, ribbon...the only limit is your imagination.

I created the "Dream" ATC above. It's a reminder to myself. :-)

Here's one that Jacqueline (age 8) did.

YOU are an artist. Don't save the word artist for "other people". It belongs to anyone who creates.


Mandy said...

I love what you write here. I've always struggled with calling myself an artist, and I think it comes from high school art class where you are rated or graded for your art. I so enjoy doing art with my girls, pretty much on a daily basis. Even though I've been doing stamping, painting, photography, altered books, scrapbooking over the years, until I read this post, I think I still didn't really consider myself one. Thank you for your insight. I love both you & your daughter's ATCs, I will have to try that soon....

Joanne said...

Thank you for the encouraging words Mandy. I deeply appreciate it. :-)
I feel the same way as you about being judged and graded in art when I was in school. Give ATC's a try! I think their a lot of fun because they're small and not so intimidating. Thanks again Mandy!