Unschooling Voices - #5: Unschooling support


As I posted earlier, I didn't have enough time to get this together before we left for our adoption anniversary mini-vacation (more about that in another post!) so that's why this is a few days late.

The 6th Unschooling Voices will be out on December 1. If you'd like to participate,
click here for the details. The new (and always optional) question for this month plus past editions, can also be found there.

If you post a link to this months installment on your blog or site, please let me know (by leaving a comment here) so I can thank you with a link back. :-)

As you click the links that take you to the different blogs and sites, I encourage you to comment on the ones that you particularly enjoy (tell 'em we sent ya!) or maybe offer some words of wisdom to someone at an unschooling crossroads. As you read, keep in mind that everyone who participated is at a different place in their unschooling journey.

The (always optional) question for November was on support. How much do you have from family and friends? Are there other unschoolers near you or do you belong to an offline unschooling group? How important is having that support?

I posted the question to a couple of unschooling e-mail groups and
here are responses from Pam and Catherine.

Wildflower Car, at Hippie House
shares her thoughts about support from when she was unschooled and now, as an unschooling parent.

Cher, at Adventures in Living
blogged about her take on support that's needed and given with regards to unschooling with a post about the observations and experiences with support over the last 4 1/2 years.

Melissa also gave her thoughts about support and how important it is to unschooling.

Nancy submited a
post that talks about comparisons, finding peace in their chosen method (or non-method) of home education and a little bit about their day.

Tammy at Just Enough submitted a
very interesting post about passing down non-mainsteam values to our children. Good food for thought.

JoVE, over at
Trictomania, inspired by a conversation with another homeschooler about knitting, examines how the primacy of a market logic for assigning value makes it hard for us to adequately express and/or defend the value of what we do as homeschoolers (and perhaps particularly as unschoolers) because the aspects of our activities that we most value do not have a market value.

Robin from Life Without School submitted a post written by Stephanie. It's abut knowing when to
"push" and when not to.

Mama Chaos
talks about the idea of sending young children to preschool to prepare them for school and about being the odd one in her mommy group for not feeling the same way.

Henry at Why Homeschool reviews the recent Geraldo segment on

My submission is something Kelly Lovejoy wrote on Unschooling Basics. She was answering a question (what exactly is unschooling?) asked by a new member.

I hope you enjoyed reading this edition. :-) I know I did. Thank you to all those who participated. Don't forget the deadline for December is a little over 3 weeks away. Maybe take a look at some of your older posts and submit a bunch!


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