Day 154

A list of books (and dvd's) last checked out by my 14 year old son.

Attack helicopters : the AH-64 Apaches by Sweetman, Bill.
Britney Spears by Lutz, Norma Jean.
Carrier-based jet fighters : the F-14 Tomcats by Green, Michael
Drag racing by Cockerham, Paul W.
High-altitude spy planes : the U-2s by Sweetman, Bill.
How to become an elected official by Bonner, Mike
Jeff Gordon by Brinster, Richard.
(DVD) People, places & interesting things by Leokum, Arkady.
The Pettys : triumphs & tragedies of auto racing's first family by Stewart, Mark
(DVD) Prehistoric life by Hardy, Justin.
Star Wars: the hunt for Aurra Sing by Truman, Tim
The story of mankind by Van Loon, Hendrik Willem
Top 10 NASCAR drivers by Riley, Gail Blasser.
World's best outdoor games by Vecchione, Glen
ZOIDS: new century. by Mizobuchi, Makoto