Mimi Doe

I subscribe to Mimi Doe's Spiritual Parenting newsletter. As with everything else, I take what I need and leave the rest. Here's what I "took" away from her last e-mail.

We can change our mindset and approach each encounter with our children from a higher place - a place centered in Spirit and love. When we parent with love, our children take away a positive cherished feeling; actions that seem little or unimportant to us have the potential to cause a profound reaction in our children. Pay attention and counteract the harshness our world wants to impose on kids. Always remember that children are citizens of the spiritual world as well as the physical world. You honor their souls as you acknowledge they are spirit in human form. It might take kids a while to get used to their cumbersome, limiting form - so have patience. When you strengthen their natural connection to spirit you give them the gift of an abundant future.

Enjoy what you have and remain aware of the abundance that fills your life. Point out all the wonderful bounty in your child's life. Be open to the gifts that are given to you. Look at your day as being filled with endless choices, endless opportunities, and endless growth. It is indeed another day and there is always another way. Remember that abundance is a state of being, an awareness of the gifts right here, right now. Try a "gratitude attitude" and give your children the gift of abundance thinking. When my kids were younger I would ask them each day, “What gifts do you think the Universe is going to deliver to you today?” They became bounty hunters, abundance seekers, and grateful recipients of a full moon glowing for them or an astonishing leaf sighting or snow that packed perfectly into a snowwoman.

As much energy as our children share with us, it is also important we fill ourselves with energy from our own wellsprings so that we can begin anew. When we are centered and energized we are able to give to our children without draining ourselves, and to receive without draining them. Our children need the same energizing tools. Being aware of breath is a simple but effective energy enhancer. Remind children to take deep breaths throughout the day. Whenever we are feeling tired we can breathe in the energy of the universe. Before each meal we can habitually breathe in and out deeply a few times. We can take breaks throughout our days and step outside to breathe the fresh air, feeling it flow through our bodies.

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