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Before I get to the links, Schuyler over at Warts and all, said she felt that she didn't really answer the question of the month with her post and added an addendum to it. I thought her original post was great, but because I value her thoughts on unschooling, anything extra is like the cherry on top. :-)

Thank you to the following bloggers and web site owners for adding a link to
Unschooling Voices #4. I'll keep this updated for about a week so if I missed someone or you add a link after I post this, feel free to leave a comment (in this post please) and I'll be sure to add it in. :-)

Schuyler at
Warts and All
Tammy at
Just Enough and Nothing More
JoVE at
Lesa at
Learning in Freedom Everyday
Ron & Andrea at
A Typical Homeschool
Paige at
Up to Parr
Chris at
Zamozo on Unschooling
Melissa not only
linked back, but went on to write a great post that I'll add to next month's edition.
Phoebe at
Avec Mes Zebres
Mama Chaos at
Wired for Noise
Stephanie at
Throwing Marshmellows
Henry at
Why Homeschool
Maureen at
Unity of Truth
Connections, a new monthly ezine of unschooling and mindful parenting, reviewed Unschooling Voices for their current issue. You can read a free issue before you decide to subscribe. Thanks Danielle!

Unschooling Voices welcomes thoughts from both new, and seasoned unschooling parents. Entries from unschooled kids (reviews, poems, stories, etc) are also gladly accepted. The next one will be out on November 1 and information can be found

Thank you to everyone who participated and who helped get the word out. :-)

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