3rd Adoption anniversary

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the day we became a family. :-) We celebrate our adoption anniversary by doing something fun each year. The first year we stayed here for a week and went to Universal Studios and Wet & Wild. The next year we stayed close to home and went out for dinner and dessert. This year we decided to go away again. We'll be visting Cypress Gardens for two days and staying here, in the suites, for two nights. We're really looking forward to it! My mom is coming with us also . :-)

My youngest (age 8) made a banner for me and one for my husband. We had talked a few months back about Mothers Day in May, and how it doesn't personally mean anything to me...because it's not the day I became a mother. I told her that my mothers day is October 30th. So on the banner she wrote "Happy Mommy's Day! Happy Anniversary! Thank you for being my mom". She also made a card for my mom. :-)