Day 147

We had a neighbor boy (9 yrs. old) here the other day. After he left, Jacqueline was telling me that he was trying to hit Shawna (my 11 year old) with a stick and that Shawna told him to stop, which he did. Then, he was trying to hit my son (13 years old) with a baseball. Again, they asked him to stop. Jacqueline told me that Shawna asked him "Why are you like that? Where do you think you learned to be like that?". (A therapist in the making. lol)
Jacqueline told me that she said to him "We're not violent in this family! You need to stop!".
That's my baby...advocate for peace. :-) I asked them why they didn't tell me and the girls said that they "wanted to try and talk to him first, kid to kid, and see if they could get through to him". :-)