Day 140

This past Saturday was Museum Day, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution. Billy took the kids to a local museum, The Appleton. They said they enjoyed it and Jacqueline said she liked the asian exhibit best.

Last night, Shawna's friend Britni slept over. She's such a sweet girl. :-) They used to go to school together and now they're in the same Girl Scout troop. Jacqueline slept at my mom's house (she lives next door) so the two girls could have the bedroom for themselves. The polished each others nails, watched some movies (Honey, I blew up the kids and Daredevil) and went bike riding. :-)

Shawna rejoined her Storytelling Club, which started up again last week. I
blogged about the last time she participated in it and how well she did in the storytelling festival. She decided to tell the same story this time as she did last time. Cimion opted out this time around.

Speaking of Cimion, would you believe he just hit the 6' mark!!! At 13 years old! He's so TAAAAAALLL. :-) At almost 4'11", I'm sooooo short next to him. LOL
I just signed him up for basketball, which starts in November. I think he'll be great at it! He's also restarting Boy Scouts tomorrow night.

Lots of fun stuff going on here... :-)