Day 128

Some cute Jacqueline-isms that I wanted to share (and remember):

Billy came home from work one evening last week and Jacquline was on playstation. He started playing with her but then pooped out soon after. When she saw him putting his control down and get up to change out of his work clothes, she said "Dad, I'll play an easier game with you if you want".

....how sweet... :-) My seven year old takes it easy on dear old daddy.

The other day I was getting a video ready for Shawna while she was getting the mail and I couldn't get it working. Shawna came back in and saw me having trouble but didn't know what was wrong. The video was in, the tv was on I was pressing "play" on the remote, but nothing was happening. We shut everything off and turned it back on again and still nothing!
In walks Jacqueline, looks at me, looks at the tv and then the remote and says "Mommy, you're using the wrong remote. Do you want me to do it for you?"

Gotta love her. :-)

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Someone e-mailed me and in case anyone else has the same question....your blog doesn't have to be an unschooling blog, just the post you send in. Not every unschooler has unschooling as the main focus of their blog.

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