Day One Hundred Four

I just found out about two new carnivals. (A carnival is a collection of blog posts on a related topic.)

The first one is the Mom Bloggers Carnival and is being hosted at Joyride Through Insanity.

The other one is the Carnival of Family Life.

Billy & I went to see X-Men 3 this past weekend. It was the first time we saw a movie since we moved to Florida and our first movie since Summer of Sam. We went for our anniversary and it was such a nice evening. The movie was okay but what I really liked was the theater had loveseats in certain areas for couples to sit together. We didn't realise it until the movie was half over and they were all taken but I'm going to remember that for next time. :-) After the movie we went to Barnes & Noble (my favorite store!). We were going to have something in the Starbucks in there but ended up shopping for books instead. :-)