Day 115 (Giving back)

When it comes to giving back, I've always prefered helping in a personal way, rather than just writing a check. In the past, I've sponsored a child and donated food to homeless shelters. Here are some current ways we're giving back and helping others.

Cimion was having yogurt one day and read that 10 cents will be donated for each pink lid that is mailed in. He rinsed his lid and saved it in a baggie and asked us to do the same. So far he have about 25 lids saved and we'll be mailing them next week.

While surfing the 'net one day, I came across a site called
Make a Child Smile. They feature three children each month that have life threatning illnesses in the hopes that people will send them a card or letter. I showed my kids and they thought it was a great idea. :-) We're finishing up our letters to the featured children for this month and will be sending them out this week.

I was cleaning out a bedroom closet last week and realised we have to many blankets. Now that we live in Florida, 15 blankets is just a bit to much. LOL I called our local Humane Society and asked if they could use them. They said yes, they did and I asked what else they needed. The woman who answered said dog/cat food, bowls, towels and newspaper. My kids decided to take some of their money and buy some food and chew toys and donate them when we bring the blankets. Shawna also wants to ask them if she can spend some time with the animals there, giving them some love and attention. :-)

It doesn't take much to give back, and it seems we get more than we give when we do. :-)