Day Sixty Eight

Some happenings at our home...

Our iguana has taken a liking to pooping in my 10,000 gallon in ground pool! This is a new thing for her and she does it when nobody is looking. Do you believe the nerve of her! LOL!! I'm not sure what the appeal is except that she used to like pooping in the bathtub with the water running, so it must be the water.

This is Buddie, our 10 year old, female iguana. She's was is known as an "Iguana iguana" or "green iguana" This picture was taken last year on vacation at a friends time share. She was on her way into the jacuzzi. What a life!

Another thing that happened a few days ago was someone completely broke off my passenger side mirror while I was food shopping a few days ago. What pissed me off was they just left! I once scratched someone's car a few years ago and I left them a note on their car with my phone number so I could pay for it. Well, like John Lennon says "Instant karma's gonna get you".

Now for a few funnies....

Cimion has passed my husband height-wise...he's about 2-3 inches taller than him now (at 13 years old he's about 5'10"). We fondly call him "shorty" because he's the tallest in the house now. LOL!
Well last night he was giving Billy a hug and kiss goodnight and instead of the usual "Goodnight Dad", Cimion said "Goodnight shorty". LOL!!
Billy didn't think it was as funny as Jacqueline and I did. :-)

But I think the best thing that happened lately was a phone call between Billy & Jacqueline (7 years old). He went next door to my mothers house to hook up her VCR for her. A few minutes later the phone rang and Jacqueline answered it. Hearing Billy's voice on the other end (yes, we're very loud!), I extended my hand for her to give me the phone. She said that he wanted to talk to her. She listened for a while and then I head her say "Do you see where it says component one? That's where it goes". LOL!!!! I almost peed in my pants (actually i think I did), from laughing so hard. So today, he calls up from work and tells me to give the phone to Jacqueline. I asked what he wanted and he said "I want her to set the VCR timer to tape the nascar race at Talledega speedway". :-)

When I was seven, I wasn't even allowed to answer the phone or touch the stereo. :-)