Day Ninety Seven

Wow, I'm almost up to 100 days. :-) Here's an update on what's been going on in our corner of the universe.

Jacqueline went camping with her Brownie troop as an end-of-year celebration. She had a great time! They do all sorts of activites, they swim, BBQ, go hiking, etc. I also signed her up for a one week Girl Scout day camp in June. This was her third year in GS and she wants to go back in August when they start up again. She'll be a Brownie for one more year and then move into Junior Girl Scouts.
Billy has been showing her how to dive into the pool. She's like a fish. LOL!
She's still very interested in space and has been working on her space book. She bought a binder in the flea market for 50 cents and she puts all her space papers in there with after I punch holes in it. I printed out some space stationary from online and she uses that to write her notes.

Shawna has been having a little bit of a rough time. This is the time of year they were removed from their original home and it happened to be 2 days before her 4th birthday. Her 11th birthday is next week and since she moved in, she's very emotional around this time. I didn't make the connection about it until last year and when I did, I spoke to her about it. She never realised it and she agreed that was probably why she was angrier and more sensative this time of year. Ever since I brought it to her attention though, I've noticed it has tapered off. I think just knowing that there was a reason for it, helped her. Billy & I are also very careful to not talk about her birthday to much in the weeks before and that has helped a lot also.
She is so into reading, more and more all the time. She's just staring the series of Little House books by Laura Ingells Wilder. She's crazy about that time period and we are working our way through all the Little House DVD's from Blockbuster.

Cimion has been doing okay, except for this past week. Like Shawna, this is a emotional time for him. It was an abusive situation involving him that made the authorites permanently remove them.
He is still involed with his Yu-Gi-Oh league and loving it. He goes every Saturday and stays about 3 hours. There are about 25 kids that go and he knows a few of them from when he was in school.

Billy & I are still trying to find a contractor to do our bathroom. Billy gutted the whole room down to the sheet rock. hen the kids moved in we concentrated on the rest of the house and the backyard. In the process, our bedroom and bathroom have been sadly neglected. We started our bedroom last year (it is NOT a child-friendly bedroom. Adults only please!) and now it's time for the bathroom.

That's it for us. :-)