Unschooling Math

A Few Words (and symbols) About Unschooling Math:
By Luz Shosie

Fingers & toes A pattern blocks, two by two, 4X4, narrow gauge, ruler, tape measure #scale, model, profit (loss), earn, spend $ save, interest, checkbook, recipe, batting average, Captain May I? soccer, baseball, basketball, love § fault, birdie, strike, spare, first and ten, penalty box w map, compass, Pokémon, Candyland, Monopoly, Go, Chess v Sorry!, dominoes, dice, poker chips, Bridge, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, graphs, charts, Origami, mileage, knit 1 purl 2, weave, weigh ¶ motor, engine, pulley, ratio, odds, chances, statistics P average, more or less, even, odd, yards, N scale, circumference, volume, area, score, speed limit, braking distance, fourth dimension ( sixth sense, Indy 500, build, plan, rate ¥ estimate, predict, revise, garden, yardage, height, depth, angle, trade, straight, curve, spiral, high tide, low ball, tempo % quarter note, half pound, temperature, weather forecast, bargain, budget, price, half off, plus tax, sequence, seven percent solution N hundred percent markup, latitude, longitude y light years, escape velocity, precession of the equinoxes (oh Best Beloved) * range, set, stitch, sort, size, tally, calculator, plot, dozen % gain, lose, exactly, approximately, income, borrow, allowance, loan, design, diagram, knots, beads, gear ratio, minutes, degrees # timer, computer, fathoms, grid ø meters, Anno, The Number Devil, half pipe, quarter turn, double time, full bore, safe speed - turning radius, blocks, stacking, nesting, measure up @ scale down, abacus, credit, debit, limit, infinity, first class, third rate, equal share, short shrift, waxing, waning u phase, rhythm, balance, cycle, magnitude, perspective, value, graph, apogee, perigee, frequency, rotation, revolution 8 dollars, cents, pennies, wooden nickels, full deck, full house, double helix £ time zone, millennium, program ø binary, generation, epoch, era, nano second, code, puzzle, calendar, fiscal year, progression, midpoint, watts, lumens * horsepower, ohms, Great Circle Route, 52 Pickup, ‘55 Chevy, Hundredth Monkey, altitude, make change, Lego, shopping, Tangrams & Battleships, Fibonacci series, checkers, speed, height, width, length, volume, latitude, sphere, output, displacement, schedule ] time limit, collection, add up, count down . age, four score, last full measure, census, Are we there yet? dance, a bushel and a peck, postage, efficient operation, elegant solution, gigabytes, google, Powers of Ten Q increase <>

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