Day Fifty Seven

We went to Silver Springs again the other day. Our season passes end in May and we already decided to get them again. The passes we get also cover Wild Waters, which is right next door to Silver Springs. SS is open year round but WW is open May-September.
This past Thursday we got together with
our homeschool group. We hadn't been there for quite a while so it was nice to see everybody. We met at a new park, which the kids loved! They had very a very cool playground and paths for skating. Cimion bought along his roller blades and went with some of the kids.

I'm on my way (after I get done here) to the library for their book sale. I love books, reading and buying so a book sale is something I totally enjoy. We have floor to ceiling book shelves in our family room and we're always buying new books and giving away (either to our homeschool group or the library) the ones we've outgrown. My three love reading! They each read for 2-3 hours a day (everyday!) totally on their own. I never ask them to read (except when I don't have my glasses and I need to read directions! LOl), it's just something they enjoy.


MLacey said...

I am so impressed with the wonderful thing you are doing for these 3 kids! I am a former NYer and Floridian; now I'm in California. I have a special needs step-daughter which I would like to adopt eventually. Her mother became deceased when she was 5. Best wishes to your instant family! I may be able to assist you with your homeschooling and love of books. Please take a moment and visit my website: www.ubah.com/e2403 and see if you love these books as much as my step-daughter and I do. Best of everything you do with your new family.