Day Fifty Eight

"Your kids don't go to school? What do you do with them?"

I get asked that question often. :-)
If someone asks me today I'll say "We went to Dairy Queen for Blizzards!." :-)

I went to their web site and signed up to coupons that they e-mailed me and we have a DQ only minutes from our house. My kids are still thrilled (even after a year of being home) at the thought of doing fun stuff during school hours so when I asked them if they wanted to go, they got all excited and told me I was the best mom in the world (which I am. LOL). We invited my mom to come also (she lives next door).

It was a beautiful morning (we went about 11:30) and we sat outside and had our Blizzards (actually, I didn't have one-I'm not a fan of soft ice cream). The sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze and we saw a few butterflies fluttering around.



slhightower said...


I know exactly what you are talking about. Our usual answers include the "zoo, the park, or we went and met Daddy for lunch"!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating story!! I was so disappointed to find out it's not finished yet! :)

Michelle said...

We should live closer. We went to DQ yesterday for lunch. Would have been nice to have been witn another unschooling family rather than a bunch of grumpy construction workers on their lunch break!