Day Fifty Three

What a great day today!

The weather was so beautiful that we spent most of it outside in the yard. I got a lot of gardening done, and it was badly needed. We have an area in the front that I planted some flowers in last year and some of them had died, so I replaced them and some just needed some tender loving care.
We also "planted" out artifical Christmas tree from last year. We decided to get a bigger one so instead of throwing this one out, we stuck it in the dirt and are using it as a bird restaurant. LOL Jacqueline & I put peanut butter and bird seeds on some very large pine cones and hung them from ribbons. Then we strung some popcorn and everything went on the tree.
Our next project will be a butterfly garden. :-)

Jacqueline was invited to to a birthday party/sleepover by one of her Brownie friends. Actually, it's the troop leaders daughter and they only live a couple of blocks away. We bought a really nice art kit for her to take as a gift. She's so excited to be going. :-)

Shawna is sitting on the swing in the screen room answering a letter from her penpal Casey. I was reading some stuff on Sandra Dodd's website and came across something that Casey wrote. Here is the link, check it out! There is also a link to some of her mom Mary's unschooling articles at the bottom of the page.

I wanted to share a picture of our iguana, Buddie. She's 8 years old and we've had her since she was a year old. She's very tame and is free roaming. Isn't she a beauty? :-)