The right choice

I love these moments.

These little moments prove to me that I made the right decision removing my children from school and choosing unschooling.

My 7 year old daughter & I were reading in our back yard yesterday. She was reading a book about ants and I was reading
Zen Parenting.

Over the last 11 months of her being out of school, I've discovered that she processes information by talking about it. I'm exactly the same way and it was nice to find out we have that in common.

After almost every page, she put the book down, looked up and talked about what she just read. She would say things like "Oh! So that's why some ants work in teams" or "I wonder how the queen gets the rest of the ants to work? What happens if they say no?" or "I didn't know there were so many types of ants" and "If we were ants, we could probably pick up a car because they can carry more than their own body weight".

As I was telling my husband later that evening, he agreed with me that if she had read that story in school, she would never have been allowed to process or examine the information in HER way. She would have to do it their way. She probably would have been told to be quiet and keep reading.

Reason #23 to take your kids out of school. :-)