Day Twenty Three

Felice Anno Nuovo! (Happy New Year!)

On Friday, the kids & I got together with their former foster parents and their four current foster children and went to Silver Springs, a nature theme park in Florida. We've been there several times because we have season passes but we always enjoy going with other people also. They went on the glass bottom boats (I don't do boats) and also the jeep safari (Jacqueline didn't want to go on so I stayed with her). We walked around the petting zoo, fed the giraffe and checked out the bears.
After that we met up with Billy and went to our favorite chinese buffet for dinner.

Yesterday, Billy took Cimion to his Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist League and the girls & I went to Barnes & Noble. I bought a few books off of the clearance racks:

Get a Grip on Physics
The Handy History Answer Book
The Handy Religon Answer Book

Shawna bought a
Holiday Picture Bracelet kit by Klutz.

After that we sat in Starbucks and had biscotti and hot chocolate..I had tea. mmmmmmmmm :-)

Today Billy & the kids are going to an annual New Years Day football game given by a friend of Billy's. Every year he organizes a game and BBQ at the sports complex near us. They play football, eat and hang out. Billy is going to bring the kids bikes and roller blades for them. I usually stay home and enjoy the alone time. :-)

Currently reading:
Cimion (age 13) Animorphs: The Hork Bajir Chronicles
Shawna (age 10)Animal Ark: Mare in the Meadow
Jacqueline (age 7) Magic Tree House: Dinosaurs Before Dark
Me (ageless) Llewellyn's Magical Almanac
Billy (16 years old trapped in a 40 year old body) No reading for Billy. He's to busy with his new Christmas toy.

Currently watching:
Kids: Magic School Bus: Space Adventures
Billy: The Jerk
Me: MTV's Guantlet 2