Shawna's med change

Part One:
It's been 3 weeks since we took Shawna off Adderall and we're so happy with the way things have been going. When we adopted her she was on 4 different medications (for ADHD, depression, allergies & asthma) and we now have her down to two (wellbutrin for depression/anger and advair for asthma) I think we'll be taking her off the advair soon also. When she was in foster care, one of the parents was a smoker and that contributed to it. Now, she lives with non-smokers and we don't allow smoking in our house or car.
With her not being cooped up in school all day, there's really no need for her to be on Adderall. My three are very active and Shawna has a lot of opportunity to be physical. So far, it's going great and I doubt I'll put her back on it. This is such a big step for her and I'm so proud of how she is handling it. :-)

Part Two (8/06)
The big news around here is that as off the beginning of this month, Shawna is off ALL her medication! This has been such a long, roller coatser ride of a journey with her.
When we met her in 2002, she was an angry and controlling 7 year old. Her diagnoses included Reactive Attachment Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, had been physically and sexually abused, had dealt with far to much rejection, had tried to control her siblings through extremely inappropriate sexual behavior, was in speech & language therapy, physical & occupational therapy, mental health therapy, attachment therapy, had developmental delays and very little conscience. She was taking Adderall, Wellbutrin and some kind of prescribed sleep aid. :-(
She was discharged from some therapies, we stopped some of them on our own over the last 18 or so months, she was taken off adderall in March and today was her last day on wellbutrin.
I'm so proud of her. :-)
She decided, about a year ago, that her need for a family outweighed her need to control and that was the start of her taking her life back. The ironic thing is..she has more control over her life now than she ever did. It's all postive though. :-)